5 Major Reasons to Plan a Trip to Chardham Yatra

A journey of 6 abodes, more commonly referred to as a Chardham Yatra is a spiritual journey that every devout Hindu wishes to complete at least once in their lifetime, with their families. The spiritual journey helps an individual find peace and tranquillity while getting away from the fast-paced hectic lives.

The location and climate of the area:

Badrinath, which is one of the four abodes is situated in the Himalayas, at a height of 3133 meters above sea level. Surrounded by pristine forests and valleys covered in snow, it is a sight to behold and is one of the best locations to visit. The best way to get a birds-eye view of the beautiful scenery around is to complete the Chardham yatra by helicopter.

The significance of the yatra :

Named by sage Adi Shankaracharya, the yatra helps devotees get closer to God. The key reason for Chardham was to hitch the followers of Hinduism across the country. Over the years, the Chardham Yatra became a popular tourist spot, while also being a significant religious place for Hindus across the globe.

Experience beauty :

One of the advantages of planning and completing the Chardham Yatra with your family is the added benefit of experiencing the religious place with your loved ones and will help you make memories with them. It also helps them experience the beauty and the serenity of the location from up close and in person, rather than having to watch pictures and videos of the same.

Gain a sense of spirituality :

When you embark on the Chardham Yatra, it helps you gain a sense of spirituality and get closer to God. It will also help you find peace in your personal and professional life and is something that will be noticed by one and all.

Understand the historical significance :

The Chardham Yatra is one of the major parts of the Hindu religion. The temples are historically significant and it will help you get an understanding of the long history of Hinduism, giving you a deep understanding of the same.

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